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Magic, Fantasy and Paranormal beings accompany the return to the wonderful land of Ralph’s Place for a new story about loss, love, and coming of age.

There’s no place quite as magical as Ralph’s Place. It is the land of endless summer where teens go when they dream happy dreams. Thousands have visited the beautiful location through their sleep, but few are lucky enough to live there all year round. Ralph Cranston is one of the lucky ones. After the teenager first discovered Ralph’s Place, he’s never wanted to leave.

Ralph enjoys practicing soccer with Juan, his world-famous vampire coach, and Juan’s vampire girlfriend is his frequent companion. Ralph’s buddies are the many distinct creatures who call Ralph’s Place home, including the “Big Boys”. Sam the dog, Lucky the horse, Fazzula the bear, and Tiger the Bengal tiger (obviously) who all support and protect Ralph as he explores the many wonders this magical world provides.

Ralph isn’t the only one searching for something, as he discovers in his latest adventure. Sandy Kincade is a fearless lead striker for Duke University’s soccer team and a young woman mourning a loss of her own. When she asks to spend time at Ralph’s Place, both Ralph and Sandy will discover the true healing power of this beautiful world. Joining them is a cast of zany characters, including vampires, paranormal beings, magicians, and more!

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Charles Michael Bennis
C. Michael Bennis – Author and Speaker

C. Michael Bennis
Author and Speaker