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Lincoln native pens second novel.
Lincoln book signing June 2

C. Michael Bennis
Author and Speaker

May 30, 2012, C. Michael Bennis will sign his latest novel, “Signs of Destiny” at Prairie Years, 121 North Kickapoo Street, Lincoln, from 10:00 am– 2:00 pm this Saturday. Bennis’ first novel, released last year is “Rules of Engagement”. Both are available locally or through his website at

Bennis graduated from Lincoln Community High School, then studied at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, and later graduated from the University of Colorado. He was part of the 1961 University of Colorado Big 8 Champion football team as well as the 1962 Orange Bowl squad. He graduated from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, and is bilingual in English and Spanish. Signs of Destiny is Bennis’ second published book, and he now enjoys living in Tucson, Arizona as a toy and advertising industry executive.

Bennis’ father was Chuck Bennis, the Illini All-Century football player who earned All-Big Ten and All-American Honors in 1933 and 1934, and served as co-captain of the 1934 team. He was named “I” Man of the Year in 1978, one year after George Halas earned the same award. The fans also voted his father to the twenty-five man All-Century Team during the Illinois Football Centennial Celebration in 1990. Chuck Bennis died on May 14, 2006 at the age of ninety-five years old.

About the book: “Signs of Destiny” by C. Michael Bennis is a powerful love story where destiny shapes life’s direction and meaning.

Dying is what changed Rafael Valverde’s life. Coming back from the dead and lying comatose for six weeks altered his perception. Before he was a chameleon masquerading as a businessman. Now he is weakened and confused as he pursues his mother’s genetic lineage of talented artists.

Enter Alison Amavis, the sylphlike young woman Rafael first saw in a state of unconsciousness. Her sea green eyes conceal a prophesized demise that a Spiritualist in Liverpool begrudgingly revealed to 17-year old Alison: she will die a horrible death in her 24th year. However before death she will know a love of unfathomable magnitude. It will be the sensation of truly coming home after a forever longing to be there. Rafael, from pre-Castro Cuba, is that prophesied love.

This fictional romance weaves the threads of life and love, death, and destiny in a dramatic, serious, and sometimes, sorrowful way, but always touched by the humor that life often presents.

Narrated from the perspective of the main character, Rafael, this skillfully written romance novel depicts the human spirit and the personal will of several intertwined characters, in their quests to make their own life choices. Dying is what changed Rafael’s life, but returning to life after six weeks in a coma, changed his perspective.

Sometimes the characters’ circumstances may be similar to yours, and other times, their lives and choices will entertain you. Adding the elements of predestination, chiromancy, and dream travel, the result is a compelling story that you will not want to put down.

The love experienced by the unforgettable characters in this dramatic novel authored by C. Michael Bennis is one of extremes—restrained and uncontrolled, revengeful and with abandonment, hurtful and comforting, lustful, and innocent. Follow the life, relationships, and emotions of the characters, especially Rafael, which parallel our lives and the lives of those who we can only imagine.