Ralph’s Place II:
The Adventure Continues
By C. Michael Bennis

Return to the wonderful land of Ralph’s Place for a new story about loss, love, and coming of age.

There’s no place quite as magical as Ralph’s Place. It is the land of endless summer where teens go when they dream happy dreams. Thousands have visited the beautiful location through their sleep, but few are lucky enough to live there all year round.

Ralph Cranston is one of the lucky ones. After the teenager first discovered Ralph’s Place, he’s never wanted to leave. He enjoys practicing his running and spending time with the many distinct creatures who call Ralph’s Place home, including the “Big Boys”. Sam the dog, Lucky the horse, Fazzula the bear, and Tiger the Bengal tiger (obviously) all support and protect Ralph as he explores the many wonders this magical world provides.

Ralph isn’t the only one searching for something, as he discovers in his latest adventure. Sandy Kincade is a fearless lead striker for Duke University’s soccer team and a young woman mourning a loss of her own. When she asks to spend time at Ralph’s Place, both Ralph and Sandy will discover the true healing power of this beautiful world. Joining them is a cast of zany characters, including vampires, cowboys, magicians, and more!


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Former toy and advertising executive C. MICHAEL BENNIS again turns his attention to writing with the coming-of-age adventure Ralph’s Place II, his fifth book. Bennis, an author and speaker, lives in Arizona.

Ralph’s Place:
A Magical Experience
By C. Michael Bennis

Ridiculed in school because of her intelligence, Melissa takes comfort only in her ailing parents, who she cares for daily. As they approach death, they introduce her to Ralph’s Place, a land full of mysterious creatures and experiences that children can only enter through their dreams.

Melissa grows to become a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she teaches mathematics. Despite her success, she can’t forget her childhood and continues to seek the physical location of Ralph’s Place. Eventually, a magician with the ability to teleport people decides to help Melissa with her search. And together, they are able to turn Ralph’s Place into an enchanted experience for a family with an only child.

Ralph Creston, a fourteen-year-old boy, moves with his parents outside of the city after his dad accepts a new job. There he meets another boy named Ralph, who has an unusual request: tell the three-legged dog-named Sam that he will be missed. And with that, Ralph is propelled into a series of adventures as he moves into a mansion full of possibility and promise.

An enchanted place packed with mystical creatures will help Ralph find what he needs the most—himself —in this inspirational young adult fantasy by C. Michael Bennis.

Both children and adults will love Ralph’s Place, a coming-of-age fantasy.

Dangerous and Desirable
By C. Michael Bennis

Genre: Action/Adventure
Words: 96,500
Setting: New York, Madrid, Culiacán, London,
La Coruña, North Woods – Wisconsin

Julio Navarro is a former middleweight contender, top-notch European bodyguard and covert assassin. He is astonished to learn his passionate and deeply romantic Mexican girlfriend has left him because he is no longer dangerous and desirable. Without a farewell note, Claudia and her little sister, Nieves, leave Julio’s Madrid apartment and move in with a man who fits the description – Culiacán’s infamous Drug Lord.

Now four years later, Julio lives in Manhattan, owns a trading company and is involved intimately with Ziv, Mossad’s deadliest assassin. Unexpectedly, Nieves arrives at Julio’s Madrid apartment and begs Julio to return to Culiacán and rescue Claudia from certain death. The following day Pedro’s henchmen kidnap Nieves.

Layers of violence, jealousy and passion confront Julio as he faces the former love of his life and her deadly boyfriend. Soon Ziv arrives to protect Julio, and suddenly, they are all embroiled in the drug war that destroys Pedro’s compound and nearly kills Pedro and Claudia. Afterward, Julio exchanges permission to take Ziv, Claudia and Nieves to Manhattan in return for becoming the personal bodyguard of the treacherous and irascible Pedro Valdez.

Dangerous and Desirable relates how passion may waver but the credo of loyalty is irreversible. Julio will protect a ruthless man he little cares for in order to secure the safety of those he loves.

Bennis, C. Michael, Dangerous and Desirable (470 pp.)
ISBN: 1484980646
5 Star Rating!


“A thriller with Tequila Slammer Danger”
Angela Mortimer
This review is from: Dangerous and Desirable (Kindle Edition)
At first the book feels a lot like the author’s book Rules of Engagement, a complicated romance, full of interesting fractured personalities, that is, until we reach the Mexican connection and from there it changes from a romance to a thriller, it’s as exciting as The Bridge on coke with a touch of the original NCIS.

A very exciting well-written read with women who would scare anyone but the books main character; a complicated man, a combination of great kindness or great ruthlessness. Frankly it’s hard to turn the kindle off and I only did so once because I had to.

A wild ride from beginning to end and unlike Rules of Engagement, which is a Dry Martini in a sunlit garden, the pool shimmering and reflecting sunlight, this one is still full of sun, but the drier, harsher sun of a baking desert where you sip your astringent lemon Margarita at your peril.

A Good Book
Roberta Feig
This review is from: Dangerous and Desirable (Kindle Edition)
This is absolutely the best of all of Michael Bennis’s books. I could not put it down–read it start to finish in one day. It is obvious that this love story about two dangerous assassins from different parts of the world is well researched. The descriptions are wonderful, and the story is exciting and fun to read.

The Signs of Destiny
By C. Michael Bennis

This fictional romance weaves the threads of life and love, death, and destiny in a dramatic, serious, and sometimes, sorrowful way, but always touched by the humor that life often presents.

Narrated from the perspective of the main character, Rafael, this skillfully written romance novel depicts the human spirit and the personal will of several intertwined characters, in their quests to make their own life choices.

Dying is what changed Rafaels life, but returning to life after six weeks in a coma, changed his perspective. Sometimes the characters circumstances may be similar to yours, and other times, their lives and choices will entertain you. Adding the elements of predestination, chiromancy, and dream travel, the result is a compelling story that you will not want to put down.

The love experienced by the unforgettable characters in this dramatic novel authored by C. Michael Bennis is one of extremes restrained and uncontrolled, revengeful and with abandonment, hurtful and comforting, lustful, and innocent. Follow the life, relationships, and emotions of the characters, especially Rafael, which parallel our lives and the lives of those who we can only imagine.

Bennis, C. Michael, The Signs of Destiny (380 pp.)
Published: April 17, 2012
ISBN: 1467949280

Rules of Engagement
By C. Michael Bennis

Unrestrained passions and exotic locales are key elements of Rules of Engagement, a savvy debut by C. Michael Bennis. With a pitch perfect prose and unforgettably naughty characters, new romance author Bennis offers a winning combination that tells of the underbelly of the advertising world and the softest sides of true love. In the summer of 1964, two college graduates meet in a London club. While their attraction is palpable, Nicole is engaged to the premier’s son and is Parisian aristocracy; dutiful to a fault she can’t help but fall headfirst for Alec, a Colorado native who is a little rough around the edges. As they decide the course of their affair, Nicole comes up with the Rules of Engagement. Over the next nine days they agree not to fall in love and not to reveal their identities. Reunited by chance over two decades later, the magic is still there. One is married, one is not—both will begin to understand that love and passion endures despite time, circumstance, and reason.

Bennis, C. Michael, Rules of Engagement (258 pp.)
Published: October 16, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4392-4583-5
5 Star Rating!