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Adobe bricks support timeless memories

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012
Photo © by Jeff Dean

Photo © by Jeff Dean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

La Casa Caliente stretches across a hilltop with unlimited panoramas of majestic mountains and valley. It is a natural building made from sand, clay and water, sun dried in Mexico into two-foot long Adobe bricks. The Mexican tile adobe roof was handmade to perfection. Despite its name, Casa Caliente would remain cool during the long hot Tucson, Arizona summers. The ‘hot house’ designation was a creation of my adman grandfather (Hott is his family name). Simply, La Casa Caliente is a mud masterpiece in the valuable tradition of Mexican homes and in Adobe structures that date back to some of the oldest existing buildings in the world.  We will never know if the  adobe walls  silently archive the presence and the emotions of those who inhabit their interiors.  What if  the Adobe walls were able to speak?  This is what you might hear if that were to happen..

Casa Caliente’s adobe construction  has four bedrooms, seven bathrooms and separate guest’s quarters.  Outside, there is a charming patio with pool, an ancestral olive tree, and a complete citrus grove.   The colorful exterior vegetation includes:  red bougainvillea, desert saguaros, ocotillos, yuccas, paloverdes, mesquites, plus a plethora of colorful desert  plants and wild flowers.There are numerous free-loaders:  resident bobcats (often  with cubs),  a hungry mountain lion, and marauding, serenading coyotes searching for a small dog or house cat.