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So you want to write a novel?

Thursday, July 27th, 2017

The purpose of this blogpost is to help new writers with the exciting albeit frustrating creative process, plus some helpful suggestions on overcoming writer’s block.

Publishing your first novel has never been easier thanks to CreateSpace, an Amazon company,as well as others that help writers independently publish books in physical or digital formats at affordable prices.  Beware of some snarly publishers that will publish for free or for very little.  They make their money on the back end with books you will have to buy at prohibitive prices. Result: you’re dead in the water.  For example: You cannot promote your novel in book fairs if you can’t afford soft cover copies of your book.

You are sadly mistaken if you are writing with the idea of becoming rich and famous. Definitely, not a good idea.  You may spend more money than you might ever earn.  Be careful, be frugal.  Think before leaping.