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Falling in Love with your Fictional Characters

Friday, September 9th, 2011

The purpose of this blog is to open the channel of communication between writers and their fictional creations.  It’s also a guide for falling in love with beings that have no existence until they are imagined and brought to life.

Believable human drama has one inalterable characteristic: the reader or viewer identifies at once with the lead character.  For example, we’re on the edge of our seat when the starry-eyed lover pursues beyond rejection for one last chance to seize the love of a lifetime?  Or we’re waiting with bated breath as the battered, beaten hero pursues beyond hope for the final chance for justice?  We’re actually there in the story, cheering on the rejected lover and the battered hero, while fearing and hoping it will end happily.  Could you ever imagine the author felt the same way?

Conversely, have you been disappointed with a romantic comedy the media hyped?  Did you arrive with high expectations that fell totally flat when you realized there was no amorous chemistry between the lovelorn actor/actress?  Seriously, the emotional charisma between a man and a woman is there or it isn’t.  You can’t fake it, and neither can the characters in your narrative.