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Writing sabotage and Daily Word Limits

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

In the late 1970’s, I seriously decided write a first novel.  Previous attempts had routinely been diverted by a small child, an attentive wife and steady calls for social affairs from friends with a plan.  To complicate matters I was a resident of Madrid, Spain and the friends dated back to 1963-1964 when we were all students at Complutense University in Argüelles, with little money and an overbearing desire to have as much fun as curriculum and pesetas allowed.  Only now, most of us were married with children, and the Madrid friendships included their extensive families that resulted in unending social demands.  Also disruptive were requests from our dear child who continually needed attention to play cars on the floor and to appraise his art renditions.

I was becoming frustrated with the writing attempts.  Soon I had transformed into an ill-mannered grouch, when my wife insisted that I disappear for as long as necessary to finish the first draft of the novel.  My first reaction was that my pretty wife had a boyfriend, which she denied and retorted with the absolute truth:  I was becoming a miserable person to live with, and it would be best for the family if I left A.S.A.P and wrote the expletive-deleted book!

I did the math.  I had written 30,000 words, and 50,000 words would complete the task, which amounted to 34-days at 1,500 words-per-day.  The month was June, and Javea the seacoast village between Valencia and Alicante (also named Xabía) was selected for the writing retreat.  This was my favorite favorite seaside resort in Spain, and I soon reserved a chalet in the urbanization El Tosalet with views of the Mediterranean for five weeks of goal-achieving results.