C. Michael Bennis featured on The Balancing Act Airing on Lifetime Television

TUCSON, Ariz. (MMD Newswire)
November 11 , 2010 – Nov. 18, 2010 – 7-8 a.m. ET/PT
Show Host Danielle Knox,
Iinterviews romance author C. Michael Bennis


“Michael is an award wining author who does not disappoint with his latest novel Rules of Engagement. It’s a thrilling love story set in exotic locales, filled with mystery, twists, turns and of course passion and romance. But does it have a happy ending? You are going to have to tune into The Balancing Act to find out.”

“The story is pure imagination based on an unforgettable memory,” Bennis says. “Similar to the novel, I met a special young woman when I was in London to pick up my car in June 1964. That recollection provided the inspiration for the story, although the real life romance never progressed beyond London.”

Nicole’s Rules of Engagement
Rule number one:
 We never fall in love.
Rule number two: We never provide information that might reveal our identities.
Rule number three: Our relationship can and will be ended by departure forever. Beyond the Three Rules of Engagement, there are no further rules or restrictions.

Kirkus Discoveries states “Bennis tempts and tantalizes…this narrative has enough twists and turns to satisfy a mystery lover, and the characters are endearing.”

Rules of Engagement: Award-Winning novel depicts how true love knows no boundaries unless we create them.

Amusing, fun, and fast-paced, Rules of Engagement by new romance author C. Michael Bennis offers countless dramatic high notes and unforgettably naughty characters as it recalls the very essence of unbridled, wide-open passion. What begins as a timeless, torrid tale of young lust turns into a mid-life romp when two lovers are later reunited. This is a winning combination that tells of the underbelly of the advertising world and the softest sides of true love.