C. Michael Bennis attended Complutense / Madrid for an academic year, then graduated with a Spanish major from the University of Colorado, where he lettered in football as a member of Colorado’s 1961 Big 8 Championship and the 1962 Orange Bowl squad. In 1966, he graduated from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. C. Michael Bennis is bilingual and lives in Tucson, Arizona as a former advertising and toy industry executive. He has five published novels: Dangerous and Desirable (Oct.19,2013), Signs of Destiny (2012) and Rules of Engagement (2009), Ralph’s Place (2016) and his fifth new novel Ralph’s Place II is now available at Amazon!

Ralph’s Place II:
The Adventure Continues
By C. Michael Bennis

Return to the wonderful land of Ralph’s Place for a new story about loss, love, and coming of age.

There’s no place quite as magical as Ralph’s Place. It is the land of endless summer where teens go when they dream happy dreams. Thousands have visited the beautiful location through their sleep, but few are lucky enough to live there all year round.

Ralph’s Place:
A Magical Experience
By C. Michael Bennis

Ridiculed in school because of her intelligence, Melissa takes comfort only in her ailing parents, who she cares for daily. As they approach death, they introduce her to Ralph’s Place, a land full of mysterious creatures and experiences that children can only enter through their dreams.

“Magical for all.”
Sandra Beck

Magical book in a magical place. Read it in one sitting. Amazing characters and transported to another place and time. Wow is all I can say. Laughed and cried. One for all.

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C. Michael Bennis’ Book: Ralph’s Place

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Dangerous and Desirable
By C. Michael Bennis

Julio Navarro is a former middleweight contender, top-notch European bodyguard and covert assassin. He is astonished to learn his passionate and deeply romantic Mexican girlfriend has left him because he is no longer dangerous and desirable. Without a farewell note, Claudia and her little sister, Nieves, leave Julio’s Madrid apartment and move in with a man who fits the description – Culiacán’s infamous Drug Lord.

“A Good Book”
Roberta Feig

This is absolutely the best of all of Michael Bennis’s books. I could not put it down–read it start to finish in one day. It is obvious that this love story about two dangerous assassins from different parts of the world is well researched. The descriptions are wonderful, and the story is exciting and fun to read.

The Signs of Destiny
By C. Michael Bennis

This fictional romance weaves the threads of life and love, death, and destiny in a dramatic, serious, and sometimes, sorrowful way, but always touched by the humor that life often presents.

Narrated from the perspective of the main character, Rafael, this skillfully written romance novel depicts the human spirit and the personal will of several intertwined characters, in their quests to make their own life choices.

“Destiny is about loving and challenging relationships in Madrid”
G Espinosa

I couldn’t put down this fictional romance where a fortuneteller’s forewarning, a horrible automobile accident and a comatose vision foreshadow the reunion of two star-crossed lovers. Narrated from the perspective of the main character, Rafael Valverde, this unique story grips the reader’s attention as he lives through relationships with his manipulative father, his deceased mother, his star-crossed lover, a Cuban girlfriend and a young woman who saves his life and only speaks in bird-language.

Rules of Engagement
By C. Michael Bennis

Unrestrained passions and exotic locales are key elements of Rules of Engagement, a savvy debut by C. Michael Bennis. With a pitch perfect prose and unforgettably naughty characters, new romance author Bennis offers a winning combination that tells of the underbelly of the advertising world and the softest sides of true love. In the summer of 1964, two college graduates meet in a London club. While their attraction is palpable, Nicole is engaged to the premier’s son and is Parisian aristocracy; dutiful to a fault she can’t help but fall headfirst for Alec, a Colorado native who is a little rough around the edges.

“Couldn’t Put It Down”
Bradley Fred Dye

This is the best book that I have read in a long time. Mike Bennis has created characters that remain in memory long after finishing the book — just like real people that I wish I had met and gotten to know. The story takes unexpected twists and turns and kept me so involved that I stayed up all night just to find out what was going to happen next. Mike paints pictures with words. The people, places, and things are described in glorious color and great detail. The ending, while not predictable, was certainly enjoyable.